1. Router with admin access.
  2. Remote Access Enabled Laptop/PC on Local Network.
  3. Remote Desktop Client software on remote Laptop/PC with Internet Access.

Step 1: Forward Port on Router

Log in to your router.
Goto Advanced Tab->NAT->Virtual Server
On Screen Select & Save:

Protocol : TCP
WAN Port : 3389 (RDP Port)
LAN Port : 3389
LAN IP Address: Local IP Address

If you have static public IP address, just use Remote Desktop Client software to connect.
else move to step 2.

Step 2: Dynamic DNS Configuration

If you do not have static IP address, your IP keeps on changing.

Dynamic DNS gives you a domain name which remains same but internally it tracks any IP changes that has occurred.

Register with an Dynamic DNS provider first then configure it.

There are two ways to configure Dynamic DNS.

Through Router

  1. Log in to your router. Goto Services Tab->DDNS.
  2. Select Dynamic DNS provider and enter Domain Name, Username and password.

Through Utility provided by Dynamic DNS provider

  1. Download & install utility provided by Dynamic DNS provider on your Local Laptop/PC.

Step 3: Connect to your Local PC/Laptop from Remote PC/Laptop

  1. Open installed Remote Desktop Client, Enter Domain name provided by Dynamic DNS provider in Computer Name/ or Enter Static IP address.
  2. Enter Username/Password when asked.