1. What is a cryptocurrency?
    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which uses cryptography to verify and secure transactions as well as control creation of additional units.

  2. What is Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is a decentralised peer to peer currency[1].

  3. Who created Bitcoin?
    Satoshi Nakamoto[2] (It could represent a man, a woman, or even a group of people).

  4. Who controls Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is decentralised, so effectively no body controls it.

  5. What is Blockchain technology?
    Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies uses blockchain to keep all historical transactions in a publicly shared ledger which anybody can verify[3].

  6. What is a cryptocurrency wallet?
    cryptocurrency wallet is a combination of two things, one is a public address (to receive) and a private key (to spend). Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet, you have to visit their official website to get official wallet. Apart from official wallet, a number of wallets exists, paper wallet, web wallet, hardware wallet etc.

  7. What are Altcoins?
    Alternative coins or altcoins is term used for all cryptocurrencies which started after bitcoin. most of them are based on bitcoin protocol, some having novel features like anonymous transactions, others have build platforms for decentralised applications. Notable altcoins are Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero etc.

  8. Is bitcoin transaction anonymous?
    No, it can be called pseudonymous at most but not fully anonymous. because once you map your pseudonymous identity with your real identity while interacting with real world entities your true identity can be known.

  9. Are bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies legal?
    It varies from country to country. Japan is first country to recognise bitcoin, whereas some countries like bolivia, ecquador etc has banned it. Others like USA has recognised bitcoin as an financial asset. But for most countries including india status is unknown, they have formed committees to study it[4].

  10. Why bitcoin price is increasing so much?
    There may be many reasons behind sudden increase in price. But fundamental reason behind it is that: bitcoin is revolutionary in terms that it solved decentralised consensus problem for the first time in financial history. bitcoin network has been secure for last 8-9 years and thereby building a trust in itself. it has removed all intermediaries like payment networks,payment services, banks, central banks. Lastly it is scarce only 21 million bitcoin will ever be generated by network.

  11. what will be future price of bitcoin?
    Some economist call bitcoin a bubble, that will burst. while some economists predict that it can become next store of value surpassing gold. so taking in account both extreme view its range can be from zero to upwards of 1 million US Dollars.

  12. How to get bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?
    Either you can mine[5] or buy in an exchange with your fiat currency.

  13. Where i can get info about prices and exchanges?
    Visit coinmarketcap.com

  14. Can i exchange one cryptocurrency with other anonymously?
    Yes you can with,

  15. Can i buy bitcoins locally?
    Yes, visit localbitcoins.com.

  16. Where to buy bitcoin with indian rupees?
    You can visit
    unocoin.com etc.

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